Gardening Australia comes to the Wetlands

In March, FROGS Landcare volunteers played host to Costa Georgiadis as he visited the Goulburn Wetlands. Many of you will know that Costa has long been interested in the Wetlands—he planted trees with local school children in 2016 and live-streamed an impromptu visit in 2022. This time he came to film the Wetlands and its gardens for a segment on Gardening Australia.

District Group 2023 Highlights part 2

With 19 local groups around NSW, there is always a lot of regional activity – bushwalks, meetings, talks, garden visits, plant sales, bush care and propagation. Here are some highlights from 2023.

District Group 2023 Highlights Part 1

With 19 local groups around NSW, there is always a lot of regional activity – bushwalks, meetings, talks, garden visits, plant sales, bush care and propagation. Here are some highlights from 2022.

Weekend Get-together, Goulburn, 18-19 November 2023

A highly successful weekend get-together was hosted by the Southern Tablelands Group at Goulburn from Saturday 17 to Sunday 18 November. The Southern Tablelands Group, albeit a small group, did a fabulous job in organising an excellent program for the 75 members who attended. Congratulations and thanks to all those members of the Southern Tablelands Group who made us so welcomed and ensured that our weekend was an enjoyable and memorable experience.

In Memory of three Life Members

We are always sad to hear of the passing of one of our members, especially when it is a Life Member we know who has done much to support the Society and/or to further the cause of knowledge about, growing or conserving our Australian flora.
This year we have lost three Life Members.

Olive Pink: Artist, activist and gardener

Perhaps you have visited the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens in Alice Springs. It is certainly one of the best places to see Central Australian flora and as a bonus there is an excellent café. So who was Olive Pink?

Name changes to Leptospermum spp.

Some of you may have heard recently, that some of our beloved Leptospermum spp. have been moved to a new genus. Yes, that’s right, the constant changing nature of our botanical names continues.

Illawarra group hosting the September Gathering

The Illawarra group members made a great team effort to organize, stage and then enjoy this event with the community and other APS groups.
To give some variety, we organised 3 walks in the morning, attendees could nominate (one) walk, respond, and select a walk via email.

National Biodiversity Month

September is National Biodiversity Month, which hopefully means biodiversity is in the spotlight a little more than it should be every other month. This year, an expedition involving the Botanic Gardens of Sydney surveyed the Australian Alps, primarily to discover new species. A further aim was to collect plant material for propagation to maintain biodiversity and reinforce ecosystem resilience in the face of inevitable environmental change.

APS (NSW) Plant Profile Project

Way back, in early 2017, when we transitioned to the new APS NSW website, we decided to make the plant profiles, mostly authored by Jeff Howes and the late Warren Sheather, accessible to the public.

Life Membership Award Jenny Simons

Congratulations to Jenny Simons from Southern Highlands Group who was awarded Life Membership at the APS NSW AGM, held on 20th Of May 2023.

Life Membership Award Tim Hayes

Congratulations to Tim Hayes from Southern Tablelands Group who was awarded Life Membership at the APS NSW AGM, held on the 20th of May 2023.

The voice is long overdue

Indigenous cultures, who have sustainably interacted with the world’s water, soils and biodiversity for millennia, possess knowledge and skills we must quickly recognise, learn and internalise. It is high time we listened to the voice of country.

Plants Native to the Greater Sydney Region.

While working at the University of Wollongong, I had been taught, you do not need to be an expert in a particular field to manage a group. You need to be good at managing people, trust, foster and let the experts do what they do best. So, as our community grew, I found experts in various related fields and asked them to come on board.

APS Vic ramping up its planning for the next ANPSA Biennial Conference

A very big welcome to our first newsletter for the Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) Conference, 30 September to 4 October 2024. This conference is being run by the Australian Plants Society Victoria (APS Vic) and this is the first of a bimonthly newsletter to keep you updated. The committee is working extremely hard to make this an experience of a lifetime for you. Please feel free to share this newsletter with your friends, group or whoever you think may be interested. Formal bookings for the Conference and Tours are expected to open in early 2024.

The Tasmanian bushland garden

Over 20 years ago a group of Australian Plants Society members purchased an old dolerite quarry and its surrounding 20 ha bushland to build a Tasmanian bushland garden with funding coming from donations and grants.

How to write a conservation submission, letter or email

With so many ongoing issues of environmental concern, there are many opportunities to write a submission or letter expressing your views. Issues affecting our native vegetation include residential development, infrastructure proposals such as roads and dams, legislation on land clearing and development, and government policies and responses to climate change, bushfires and flooding.

Keeping people safe

It’s vital we do everything we can to keep people safe in APS. Here are the common sense policies and procedures for us all to follow.

Seeds of hope for Banksia restoration projects

A plant seed typically contains an embryo, that develops into a new plant, and some food to support germination until the seedling can produce its own food. However, seeds may also contain microbes, like fungi and bacteria, that have no harmful effects but may actually be beneficial for plant growth! 

For the photographers amongst us…

Bruce Usher graciously offered to photograph part of the Australian flora conference in September and then had this article published in the magazine Camera, about photographing Costa. 

Flora tour of Blue Mountains

This was a tour of wonderful contrasts – majestic mountains and expansive valleys; towering Eucalypts and exquisitely tiny orchids; ancient aboriginal culture and the pathways of European explorers; windswept sandstone rock formations and hanging swamps and damp fern lined tracks with waterfall views. 

Stony Range Spring Festival – 30th October 2022

Stony Range Regional Botanic Garden of Australian Bushland, situated in Dee Why, recently held its Spring Festival after a lapse of two years due to Covid, when it was able to celebrate 61 years since its official opening in 1961.