APS NSW supports Australian Native Plants Society (Australia)

By Rhonda Daniels

After APS NSW hosted the national conference in Kiama in September 2022, we now form the secretariat for the Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) until the next conference hosted by APS Victoria in September 2024.

What is ANPSA?

The Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) Inc is the national body for state and territory-based Australian plants societies. It does not have individual members. The member societies are:

  • Australian Native Plants Society, Canberra
  • Australian Plants Society NSW
  • Australian Plants Society South Australia
  • Australian Plants Society Tasmania
  • Australian Plants Society Victoria
  • Native Plants Queensland
  • Top End Native Plant Society
  • Wildflower Society of Western Australia

It was previously known as ASGAP – the Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants.

What does ANPSA do?

Similar to the member societies, ANPSA aims to spread the word about growing, conserving and appreciating Australian flora.

As a national body, ANPSA aims to:

  • support the organisation of the national conference every 2 years
  • support the national Study Groups which have members from across the Australia
  • award the Australian Plants Awards every 2 years
  • provide national-level information and advocacy on Australian plants.

APS NSW forms secretariat

John Aitken is the new President of ANPSA, Rhonda Daniels is the Secretary and John Desmond is the Treasurer. John Aitken, a life member of APS NSW, has recently been President of APS NSW and is currently Vice President. He has been a Vice President of ANPSA for the last 2 years.

Other members of the executive are Chris Clarke from APS Victoria and Margaret Matthews from the Wildflower Society of Western Australia as Vice Presidents. Jane Fountain is the Study Group Coordinator. APS NSW thanks the outgoing office bearers, particularly President Margaret Matthews and Secretary Christine Curry, for their support.

More information

More about ANPSA: www.anpsa.org.au
Secretary: secretary@anpsa.org.au