ANPSA Australian Flora Conference – Resources

By Heather Miles

The Australian flora conference was held in Kiama during the week of 11 September 2022. Here are a number of links and resources from speakers at the conference. More information will be provided over time. An outline of the conference is found here, with speaker bios here

Conference program 

Please note that changes to the program which occurred during the conference have not been amended. Click Australian flora program online


For all excursion information and extensive plant lists and resources, see our website:


Monday conference sessions

Professor David Keith, University of NSW

To purchase this book, for $40, please go to: 


Dr Tim Morrow, weather in Kiama 40000 years ago


Gronenborn, D. (2012). Yes and No. How applicable is a focus on palaeo-weather? Archaeological Dialogues, 19(1), 54-56. doi:10.1017/S1380203812000086

Samuel K. Marx, Balz S. Kamber, Hamish A. McGowan, Lynda M. Petherick, Grant H. McTainsh, Nicola Stromsoe, James N. Hooper, Jan-Hendrik May, Palaeo-dust records: A window to understanding past environments, Global and Planetary Change,Volume 165,2018,Pages 13-43, ISSN 0921-8181

Green, D., Billy, J. & Tapim, A. Indigenous Australians’ knowledge of weather and climate. Climatic Change 100, 337–354 (2010). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10584-010-9803-z

BOM, Indigenous Weather

BOM, Climate Charts

The Conversation: A current affair: the movement of ocean waters around Australia, January 16, 2019, Matthew Adesanya Adeleye, Simon Graeme Haberle, David McWethy, Simon Edward Connor, Janelle Stevenson; Environmental change during the last glacial on an ancient land bridge of southeast Australia; First published: 25 September 2021 https://doi.org/10.1111/jbi.14255

Roös, Phillip, 2013/05/01, Indigenous knowledge and climate change : the Wathaurong and Gadubanud narrative for the Great Ocean Road region

Frederic William Harmer, The Influence of the Winds upon Climate during the Pleistocene Epoch: a Palæometeorologica Explanation of some Geological Problems, Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society, Volume 57, Pages 405 – 478, https://doi.org/10.1144/GSL.JGS.1901.057.01-04.30

Clarence Slockee

Director, Jiwah P/L 

Native by Design

Nature by Necessity 


Visits to South Eveleigh may be possible in the future. 

Tuesday sessions

Patsy Nagle – models of plant conservation

A practical model involves both a structured and contextual framework (of legislation, established priorities, and projects at international, national, state and local govt levels) as well as ‘uncodified expertise’ from knowledgeable, engaged, connected and passionate community volunteers (and non-govt agencies). This delivers a diverse, interesting, relevant and nuanced set of on-ground action on both public & private land.

Chris Larkin, Plant selection and management

Chris is a long term APS Victoria member and leader within the Garden Design study group. She stepped in at the last minute for Lawrie Smith. 



Design with Nature GDSG rev1

Rhonda Daniels, demystifying native plant names

Bruce Usher, Looking and seeing

Professor Martin Backor, lichens

Book chapter dedicated to lichen secondary metabolites:


Ben Coddington and Jennifer Owens

Dr Kevin Milles

Luke Maitland, Native Grace

Study groups 


Please see the ANPSA site to learn more about study groups and access their newsletters: 


Dr Lyndal Thorburn – Eremophila study group

This book can be purchased from the Native Shop.

It can also be bought via email to eremophilabook@gmail.com

Also from Brown-Buirchell: Brown-Buirchell form with email address

The field guide can be bought through Gardening with Angus.


Catriona Bate and Phil Tricket, Study group, Isopogon and petrophile study group





A video on isopogons has been published online by APS NSW. It briefly explains what isopogons are and how the two main species of the Sydney region, I. anemonifolius and I. anethifolius, differ. See to the right. 

Thursday conference sessions

Professor David Lindenmayer

Professor Michelle Leishman

Conference media

Photos by Bruce Usher