Autumn 2021 issue of Australian Plants – Essays from WA

By Rhonda Daniels, enewsletter editor

The Autumn 2021 issue of Australian Plants was mailed to members and subscribers in mid May 2021. Members of the Australian Plants Society NSW receive Australian Plants four times a year as part of their membership.

The Autumn issue, Essays on WA, was produced by Jim Barrow. It has articles on:

  • Introduction by Jim Barrow
  • Flowering gums
  • Some daisies of the South West
  • On death – and resurrection
  • Hakillea?
  • The peas – revisited
  • Blumenteile
  • Buzz pollination and ‘bee-purple’
  • Melia, White Cedar, Cape Lilac, Persian Lilac, Chinaberry
  • Mistletoes of Southern Australia Book review.

Read about the previous issue here.

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