Australian Plants: Autumn 2020 and Winter 2020 issues

By Rhonda Daniels, enewsletter editor

Two issues of Australian Plants were posted in late August 2020. Members of the Australian Plants Society NSW receive Australian Plants four times a year as part of their membership.

Autumn 2020 issue – Bushfires

The theme was originally decided in early 2019, but the issue was delayed to enable it to reflect recent experience. It discusses the impact of fires on our Australian native flora and the ways in which it recovers after fires.

It has articles on:

  • editorial by John Aitken
  • responses of Australian native plants to bushfires by Tina Bell
  • the impact of fires on plants in the summer of 2019-20 by Brett Summerell
  • Pyrophilous fungi by John Aitken
  • resilient plants survive tough times by Margaret Baker
  • the recent bushfires in NSW – impacts and plant responses by Dan Clarke
  • burning the Tasmanian wilderness by Dick Burns
  • the amazing red and purple leaves of resprouting eucalypts by Margaret Baker.

Winter 2020 issue – 250th anniversary of the Endeavour voyage

The Winter 2020 issue marks the 250th anniversary of the Endeavour voyage under the command of James Cook and its explorations along Australia’s east coast. This issue features the visit to Botany Bay and its botanical legacy, while an upcoming issue features the Queensland section of the journey.

It has articles on:

  • editorial and introduction by Merle Thompson
  • Sir Joseph Banks – his life and legacy by Rhonda Daniels
  • Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander at Botany Bay by Doug Benson
  • the art and artists of the Endeavour voyage by Merle Thompson
  • Kamay Botany Bay National Park by John Arney. 

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