Can you identify this?

Can you recognise this local native plant ? This is a stunning picture from Karlo Taliana and features in our latest plant ID video on our YouTube channel. Go check it out.

Pea flowers of the Georges River National Park

East Hills Group member Karlo Taliana regularly walks around the Picnic Point area of Georges River National Park in southern Sydney which has great general flora diversity. Each year, our local pea flowers decorate the bush with a variety of colours while also providing a valuable food source for insects. 

Demystifying native plant names – an introduction

Botanical names can seem initially confronting but it all makes sense when you understand the origins of the names. Many species names relate to a feature or characteristics of the plant such as the flower, leaf, fruit, seed, bark, size, shape, colour, texture, habit or habitat. Other plants are named after people or places.

Growing Illawarra Natives website

The Growing Illawarra Natives website showcases native plant species local to the Illawarra to encourage greater appreciation and cultivation of native plant species in the Illawarra.
 The area has a rich diversity of plant communities with over 850 indigenous plant species, many of great value in cultivation.