Winter delights by name

By enewsletter Editor

What do Acacia ‘Winter Gold’, Acacia ‘Winter Flame’, the Correa ‘Winter Bells’ collection, Eremophila ‘Winter Gold’, Grevillea ‘Winter Delight’, Philotheca ‘Winter Rouge’ and Syzygium ‘Winter Lights’ have in common? Yes, they are all named for a winter feature – either their flowers or foliage.

Some plants do seem to flower all year round, like some of the larger grevilleas and groundcovers like scaevolas and brachyscomes. But with fewer plants flowering in the cooler months and gardeners looking for a burst of colour, it should be a more popular marketing name for cultivars.

Winter flowers

Acacia amblygona, image Warren and Gloria Sheather

Acacia amblygona ‘Winter Gold’

Acacia amblygona ‘Winter Gold’ is a prostrate form of Acacia amblygona which is a shrub up to 1.5 m high. The hardy groundcover is spectacular in golden flower. Propagate by cutting to retain the prostrate habit. Many Acacia species flower in winter with cream, lemon, yellow or gold flowers.

More information: www.anbg.gov.au/acra/descriptions/acc131.html

Correa ‘Catie Bec’, image Heather Miles

Correa ‘Winter Bells’ collection

Bywong Nursery has a collection of correas named Winter Bells which flower in winter in a range of colours from salmon, pink, red and more. Cultivars include ‘Annabell’ (soft pink), ‘Canberra Bells’ (red) and ‘Catie Bec’ (pale pink).

Another one is Correa glabra ‘Winter Glow’ with white flowers.

Photo: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Grevillea_Winter_Delight.jpg

Grevillea ‘Winter Delight’

Grevillea lanigera x lavandulacea ‘Winter Delight’ has small pinky-red and cream spider flowers amongst its small grey foliage. It is a compact shrub, about 40 cm tall and up to a 1 m wide. The more sun, the more flowers it produces.

Many of the larger grevilleas have big brush flowers throughout the year. Several other grevillea cultivars have been registered with winter in the name although they are not widely available.

More information: www.gardeningwithangus.com.au/grevillea-winter-delight-grevillea


Philotheca Winter Rouge, Photo: www.touchofclassplants.com.au/products/philotheca-myoporoides-winter-rouge/

Philotheca ‘Winter Rouge’

Philotheca ‘Winter Rouge’

Photo: www.touchofclassplants.com.au/products/philotheca-myoporoides-winter-rouge/

Philotheca myoporoides ‘Winter Rouge’ has pink buds which then open to pale pink flowers which fade to white. The long lasting flowers are known as wax flowers. A hardy shrub to about 1 m, it flowers from winter to spring and has aromatic foliage.

More information: www.gardeningwithangus.com.au/philotheca-myoporoides-winter-rouge-wax-flower/

Winter foliage

Acacia Winter Flame

Acacia ‘Winter Flame’

Acacia cognata ‘Winter Flame’ is a small, fast growing shrub to about 1 m, with fine foliage and orange tips. You don’t grow this one for the flowers, but the orange tips occur throughout the year, not just winter. A similar foliage plant with crimson tipped foliage is Acacia fimbriata ‘Crimson Blush’.

Syzygium ‘Winter Lights’

Syzygium australe ‘Winter Lights’ has bright red new foliage and bright green leaves. It is a psyllid resistant shrub up to 4 m, but can be pruned for hedging or to keep it more compact. Many other lilly pillies also have orange or red new growth.

More information: www.gardeningwithangus.com.au/syzygium-austral-winter-lights-lilly-pilly/