Welcome to the APS Board – Dorothy Luther

By Heather Miles

I’m very pleased to announce that Dorothy Luther has joined the APS NSW Board. 

Dorothy was born on a farm near Oberon so grew up in The Bush.

Now that she lives in ‘the big smoke’ and enjoys the bright lights, she says she still needs The Bush to anchor herself. She has a small garden full of small native plants. She hails from the East Hills group and edits the newsletter.

In ‘real’ life, she has worked for many years in the computer industry at the interface between the computer people and the business people – a role known as Business Analyst. This has given her a wide experience of different types of industry from manufacturing to finance and telecoms. It gave her exposure to finance, office politics and strategic thinking. In recent times, she’s been tutoring at various universities in her areas of expertise, including project management, multiculturalism and human communications.  She has a BSc and MSc in computer science.

Dorothy is keen to help with strategy development and tracking and supporting the implementation of specific initiatives. She has already made a significant contribution developing scope documents for a number of the strategic initiatives.

Please join me in welcoming Dorothy to the board.