Thank you Jeff Howes, contributing to plant profiles

Over the years, Jeff Howes has contributed hundreds of stories and plant profiles to our website for members and visitors to learn more about native plants. 

Jeff’s interest in native plants came about many years ago, when he was looking at publications in a news agency and spotted an attractive yellow flower on the cover of an Australian Plants publication, Vol 8 , No 68, dated Sept 1976.

He bought the magazine, joined APS or SGAP as it was then, obtained seed, grew them on, planted them out and still finds Senna artemisoides attractive.

Jeff completed an electrical trades course then gained engineering qualifications and worked in design and installation of navy ships and electricity generation. He has qualifications and work experience in Training and Development management and quality assurance.

Jeff is working with Heather Miles and Dan Clarke, collecting and collating information, especially the growing aspects of many species of the Sydney basin, using photographs contributed by Alan Fairley, Heather Miles and others.  This information is then written up as a plant profile. Before adding them to the website, they are checked botanically by Dan Clarke, our Conservation Officer and trained botanist.
A worth while and rewarding project especially in COVID lockdowns.
Senna artemisoides, Silver cassia, image Heather Miles