Sharing native plant knowledge in the inner west

By Heather Miles

Workshop at 5 Senses Garden, with Jennifer Farrer

Thanks to Jennifer Farrer, of Parramatta and Hills group, who gave up her morning to host a walk around the 5 Senses Garden in Concord.

The 5 Senses Garden is a joint initiative between the City of Canada Bay and Inner West Neighbour Aid. The garden is a place for the entire community offering workshops, volunteering opportunities and a space for local growing and social connections. The garden provides tailored activities for residential care facilities, schools, hospital programs and other non-for-profit organisations.

APS NSW was approached by the organiser to see if we could share information about native plants, which she felt were not well known to most attendees of workshops.

Jennifer did the talk as a walk around, so people could see the plants up close and interact in a more informal way. Jennifer reports that it is lovely garden with a mixture of exotic plants, mostly in the raised vegetable garden beds, along with natives. It was easy to find plants to talk about. She also gave the garden a few pots of Warrigal Greens and shared about its use. Seventeen people registered for the event although some elected not to walk around! 
Thanks Jennifer and to all our volunteers who share their knowledge and insights about native plants.