Rainforest recovery in northern NSW

By Doug Yates


In June APS Far North Coast met up with the Goonellabah Tucki Landcare Group who showed them the extensive work they have undertaken throughout the area of the Birdwing Butterfly Gully and the bushland and parkland area along Tucki Tucki Creek.

Our guides were Doug and Shaen who did an excellent job taking us to various sites to describe the work which has been completed by the Landcare group. The reserve along the creek had unfortunately been neglected for a long time, but over a number of years, members of the group have been able to organise the progressive removal of some very large camphor laurels. This job has had its challenges due to the need to ensure public safety during the removal process. Removal of the camphors has allowed for the growth of a wide variety of rainforest plants that previously had their growth suppressed. This regrowth has been supplemented with the planting of many hundreds of chosen locally endemic rainforest species. The planting material has consisted of advanced stock, propagated from seed collected from local sources.  







For anyone who has visited this area in recent years it is quite remarkable the changes the Landcare group have been able to achieve in a relatively short period of time. The diversity of the local flora in this reserve makes it a very worthwhile and accessible area to visit to appreciate the value of this place for our local community. All this on-going self-motivated work carried out by the dedicated Landcare group means that there is an added benefit to the council by reducing the need to maintain extensive grassed areas. The streambank plantings assist with helping to reduce the movement of sediment into the creek which would threaten the important platypus habitat.








Due to the expanse of the area, we did not have time to view all the areas the group has been working on but have been invited back to visit on another occasion, perhaps in 12 months or so, when we can also see the progress in the areas we viewed this time. The walk was followed by another one of our very satisfying morning teas and a very short meeting.

Further information about the Goonellabah Tucki Landcare group can be found at landcare.nsw.gov.au/groups/goonellabah-tucki-creek-landcare/