Prostanthera scutellarioides – stunning in spring

By enewsletter Editor

Ian Cox of APS Parramatta Hills Group introduces a stunner in spring.

Prostanthera scutellariodes, image Ian Cox

I was introduced to this attractive plant accidentally. In fact, it introduced itself. I was at the John Benyon Park at Kenthurst and here it was, in this unlikely place one spring, covered in flowers and looking brilliant! Of course, I took home some cuttings.

Prostanthera scutellarioides has a wide distribution, usually growing in forest from the Cooma district north on the NSW ranges and up along the coast to southern Queensland. It’s round in shape, usually about one metre by one metre, with purple to deep lilac flowers which contrast nicely with the verdant green foliage.

In the garden it sometimes grows larger than this, to 1.5 m x 1.5 m or more. It does best in filtered sun or half to three-quarters shade, but doesn’t like the hot afternoon sun. It’s very hardy and matures fairly quickly, and should flower after its first year. A light pruning will ensure more flowers next season.

Prostanthera scutellarioides, image Ian Cox

Prostanthera scutellarioides can be planted as a stunning hedge. The photo below was taken at the Community Environment Centre at Annangrove, where some of the Parramatta Hills Group’s members work as volunteers, and forms a wonderful border along the walkway to the meeting room.

If you would like one or more of these desirable plants, check with Lesley at the next Parramatta Hills Group meeting, as they are regularly available at the group’s plant sales.