Planting trees for regenerative farming

By Graham Fry and Ralph Cartwright

Planting trees for regenerative farming – Graham Fry and Ralph Cartwright

NSW is 80% agricultural land and so understanding how that land is being managed for health and supporting regenerative farming are important.

A few members, including Graham Fry, East Hills and member of Oatley Flora and Fauna (OFF) and Ralph Cartwright, Sutherland, contributed their weekend to plant trees for regenerative farmer, Vince Hefferman. Vince is Chair of the Upper Lachlan Landcare, an ecologist and regenerative agriculture advocate. He runs a sheep property in the Gunning area for sustainability. A key part of this is planting trees and over 60,000 have been already planted on the property to recreate a similar habitat to what was there before European settlement.

Planting underway and remnant paddock tree

Over a September weekend 30 volunteers, including Graham and Ralph, planted 1800 seedling trees provided by Greening Australia. It was a very successful weekend with all the planting done on Saturday, as Sunday was wet and not good for planting. Members really enjoyed doing hands-on conservation rather than writing letters or attending protest rallies!