Orchids in the bush

By Ralph Cartwright

Cymbidium suave Snake Orchid, image Ralph Cartwright

This is Cymbidium suave, or Snake Orchid, usually found in stumps and in forks of gum trees but this one was at ground level, so got some easy pictures. Apparently, once the pods turns brown the kernel can be eaten raw and has a similar taste to peanuts. The juice from the stems was once used as a glue and applied directly to wounds (particularly burns).

Everyone knows the Sydney Rock Orchid, Dendrobium speciosum, but more unusual to find one with seed pods on it. These were growing in full sun on an exposed rock shelf in the Royal National Park, Sydney. Tough plants.



Dendrobium Speciosum, image Ralph Cartwright
Cymbidium suave,  Snake Orchid, image Ralph Cartwright
Dendrobium Speciosum – The Sydney Rock Orchid, image Ralph Cartwright