Native Terrestrial Orchids of the Hunter by Lynda McPherson

By Heather Miles

One of our members, Kevin Stokes from Newcastle, has brought to our attention a new book called Native Terrestrial Orchids of the Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, by Lynda McPherson.

The Hunter Region Botanic Gardens is 130 hectares, much of which is pristine bushland. This expansive natural area, together with the sandy soil, is the perfect environment for native terrestrial orchids. Over 5 years, as Lynda discovered the orchids, she photographed, documented and then painted them in this lovely book, which illustrates and describes 26 species of native terrestrial orchids occurring naturally in the gardens.

Another fascinating inclusion is the Aboriginal uses of native terrestrial orchids. Flowering times and locations are included in the book, as well as a section for new explorers to write down their own observations, whether it be flora or fauna.

The end result is intended to encourage and inspire people of all ages to explore the natural bushland both in the gardens as well as more widely.

Lynda has also been accepted to exhibit at Botanica, Australia’s leading contemporary botanical art exhibition.

The annual showcase, now in its 20th year, features work by some of the best Australian and international established and emerging botanic and natural history artists, Botanica is considered one of the foremost exhibitions of its kind.

Botanica is showing at the Royal Botanic Garden’s Lion Gate Lodge garden, Sydney, from 30 March.

Lynda’s beautiful watercolour, Flame Pea, is shown below: