Revegetation of degraded properties out west

By Andrew Knop

Revegetation of degraded properties out west – Andrew and Jennifer Knop

Complex mosaic of multi-level ground cover, shrub and canopy as would have been seen 200 years ago, image Andrew Knop

Andrew Knop and his wife Jennifer have regenerated their two properties at Dubbo and Narromine. When purchased, their properties were degraded due to livestock grazing and feral animals. After two decades of very fulfilling work, they have transformed both properties, with original woodland plants regenerating and wildlife returning.

To recreate the original vegetation that existed before farming they relied on the records of the early explorers on the types of vegetation they saw in their travels in the area. Expeditions dated back to 1813, with Evans, Oxley, Cunningham, Sturt and Mitchell all leading multiple expeditions. Their journal accounts provide sometimes-eloquent descriptions … the general appearance of the country, its surface, soil, animals, vegetables and minerals, everything that relates to the population. These writings have provided great insight into the species prevalent at the time.

The photograph above would be close to what the early explorers may have experienced. From an ecological perspective it contains many features which support woodland birds, reptiles and small mammals. As such it supports many of our declining flora and fauna species. More information here.

In October, APS NSW plans to visit western NSW to view Andrew’s and Jennifer’s property, along with other properties where farmers are regenerating their lands.