Member in the media – bushwalking during coronavirus

By enewsletter Editor

On Thursday 23 April 2020, Sutherland Group member Ralph Cartwright, also Treasurer of the Friends of the Royal group, featured in a Sydney Morning Herald story on bushwalking in the time of coronavirus.

Ralph Cartwright explains how it happened:

“I was contacted by the SMH Urban Affairs reporter, Angus Thompson, who got my contact details from the Friends of Royal page who wanted to talk to someone still bushwalking in the Royal in the time of coronavirus. We had a brief chat for quotes and he sent a veteran photographer, Peter Rae, to meet me. We walked to the end of the wheelchair-accessible Bungoona path near the park entrance at Loftus for the shoot. The lookout offers fantastic scenic views of Hacking River as the photo shows”.

Ralph did mention he was also a member of APS, but it didn’t make it into the story.

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