Member benefit – discounted Neutrog products, Bush Tucker

By Heather Miles

APS NSW is pleased to announce a new member benefit to provide members with discounted Neutrog products. 

We have entered into an arrangement with Neutrog, producers of Bush Tucker, so members can receive substantial discounts on all Neutrog’s products through the Neutrog online store.  Bush Tucker is a complete, organic-based boosted fertiliser, specially designed to meet the needs of Australian native plants. It was developed and trialled over a number of years in consultation with native plant expert, Angus Stewart, and soil scientist, Simon Leake.

A number of district groups are already taking advantage of the discounted Neutrog offers, and APS Victoria has been operating a similar agreement with Neutrog for the last two years.

How to participate for existing members

  1. Sign up with your Group. Each District Group will check with its members to see who wishes to participate.  If you wish to participate in this offer, the District Group will share your email details with Neutrog. This will occur in September 2021, but may vary by group. Each group must designate one delivery address for the group.
  2. Set up Neutrog account. For members who wish to participate, Neutrog will send an email to you to create your own account with Neutrog’s online shop using your email and to set your own password. 
  3. Get help. When you open your account, you are stepped through the process online. If you need help, there is a freecall number 1800 656 644 at Neutrog to call. The online store members can access with their account shows ALL the products on offer, at the prices being offered to our members. Please note that the public online shop of Neutrog will not show our discounted prices.  If a member doesn’t have an email, they can buddy up with a friend or family member to still participate. 
  4. Order and pay online. Once set up, you can place orders online for any of the products on offer and pay direct to Neutrog. There is no minimum order per member. Orders are collated for each group and sent to one collection point per group as nominated by each group. The next ordering time will likely be the summer delivery. The shop will be open from mid October 2021 for 6 weeks, with delivery likely in early December.
  5. Delivery. Delivery to each group is quarterly, to align with the seasons. Neutrog will aggregate orders by area and liaise with your District Group on the date for the delivery to an agreed location. There is no minimum delivery quantity. The products are delivered on a pallet. Please note that time of delivery may be impacted by COVID restrictions. Members have the option to purchase up to four times a year. 
  6. Collect. On the designated day and as arranged with your group, you then bring your invoice to the delivery point for your group to collect your order of Neutrog products.

For the first offer for existing members, Neutrog is offering a one-off $20 discount on orders over $40.

Neutrog is keen to visit all District Groups over time to share about the benefits and products. We can also ask Neutrog for product samples for say field days or other events. 

New members

When new members join APS NSW, they will receive a free 300gm sample of Bush Tucker, free samples of GOGO Juice and Seamungus and will then participate as outlined above to order discounted Neutrog products online. They have the option to opt out of receiving emails from Neutrog.

What do we get out of this?

Members receive substantial discounts on all Neutrog products. They can opt out at any time. APS NSW will promote Neutrog on our website and newsletters and in exchange receive a small royalty payment based on products sold in NSW.

More information

Any questions about the arrangements can be directed to Heather Miles or John Aitken.