Is this where we are headed?

By Ralph Cartwright courtesy The Joseph Banks Society, UK

The Joseph Banks Society in the UK is a small, volunteer-led charity which publishes an occasional newsletter. It is based in a recently restored Grade II listed building in Horncastle, in Lincolnshire, UK –  appropriately named The Sir Joseph Banks Centre. The building houses numerous society curated collections including a Reference Library, Herbarium and Tribute Garden.

The tribute garden houses quite a few Australian native plants and looks like it would be worth a visit when we get to travel again. Revesby Abbey is the birthplace of Banks and lies just a short distance away.

The Society recently received a very generous GBP 5,000 donation from the local photographic society. They have used the money to purchase a 3D scanner and associated hardware and software.

They are busily scanning all the stuff in their museum and the next step is to make 3D printed copies for people to hold and examine.

Go to this link below to read a little more including an electronic, 3D version of one of their museum pieces. Using your mouse,  you can manipulate the image on your computer screen.

It is very impressive. Here is the link: https://www.joseph-banks.org.uk/an-unexpected-gift/

In addition to our Plant database, YouTube videos, Facebook and Instagram pages, maybe we could look into doing something along these lines for plants.

What do you think?