How to log in to the APS NSW website, as a member

By Heather Miles

The APS NSW website has sections that are open to the public as well as areas that are members only.

Here are instructions to login, update your profile, renew your membership and access the Members only section of the website as well as renew your membership.

Accessing the Australian Plants Society NSW website

  1. Go to the Home page: https://www.austplants.com.au
  2. On the top right of the page, click ‘Log in’. This takes you to a page that says: ‘Please log in to continue’
  3. If you have logged in before, enter your email address and password, then click ‘Log in’
  4. If you don’t have or remember your password, click ‘Forgot password’. This takes you to a screen to ‘Reset password’. Enter your email again and the Code, which is a 6-character code which appears on the screen – use capitals and lower case letters and numbers exactly as shown. This is a security measure. Then hit ‘Submit’.
  5. If you receive an error message, or have any other issues, send an email to secretary@austplants.com.au and we will assist.

How to update your profile

  1. Once you’re logged in, you will be taken to your Profile (where you can change your temporary password if you have one) and make any other changes. If the system takes you to the Home page, then click on your name (top right) and it will take you to your Profile. Please note that the information in your profile has been pre-loaded. (The ‘original join date’ is not correctly recorded yet – the date shown is when we loaded the information into the new system.)
  2. Adjust your privacy settings if you wish. Only administrators can see any of your information.
  3. If you make changes, press Save.

How to renew your membership

When you log in, and it is time to renew, you will see a reminder in the bottom right hand side of the screen. Click here to go to the renewal section and follow the prompts.

If you haven’t logged in, you will receive an email reminder to renew. You can then follow the prompts to renew online (by either PayPal, or credit card (through PayPal) or direct deposit.

How to access the Members Only section of the website

  1. Log in as outlined above
  2. Towards the top right of the page, there are three small horizontal lines – this is called a ‘hamburger’. Hover over this and you will see a list of items, one of which is ‘For members’
  3. Click on this and it will take you to the Members Only section, which holds board papers, links to journals and newsletters and other information only for members.

If any issues, please let us know.