Growing Hoyas in pots

By Ian Cox

Hoya, image Ian Cox

I’ve been growing a Hoya carnosa in a concrete trough for several years, and each year in the warmer months it puts on a nice display of pink flowers over a long period.

Hoyas seem to like their roots restricted, and I haven’t seen a need to repot it yet. I found that the medium should be well-drained and open, so I gave it half pine bark and half potting mix. It gets a 9-month slow-release fertilizer each spring, and is placed in bright filtered light away from frosts.

Hoya in a pot, image Ian Cox

My Hoya is supported by plastic stakes slightly more than a metre high, which it soon covered and made invisible. One thing to remember is that it flowers each year from the same stems, so it shouldn’t be trimmed too much.

I’ve found it’s easy to grow, needs little care, and has had no pests so far. It’s also very easy to propagate from cuttings.