Bush recovering after fire

By Ralph Cartwright

Banksia serrata cone, image Ralph Cartwright
Image Ralph Cartwright

Last week, I joined some other volunteers on the Curra Moors track in the Royal National Park for some track trimming activities. This track goes through a lot of the burnt areas from the January fires which ‘destroyed’ over 2,000 hectares in late January.


It is not destroyed at all, but springing back to life with a vengeance. Most of the native trees are re-sprouting from epidormic buds on the trunks or from the base. The new growth is often pink or red. Very photogenic, as you can see.

Birds could be seen back in the area, along with a goanna and evidence of both lyre birds and echidna. Lots of fungi, too.

The grass trees are all looking very pretty after their dead leaves were removed by the fire.

Xanthorrhoea reshooting, image Ralph Cartwright
Fungi, image Ralph Cartwright
Banksia serrata new growth, image Ralph Cartwright