Birds and bugs in my backyard

By Ralph Cartwright

Ralph Cartwright from APS Sutherland Group reports sightings in his Engadine backyard in early spring.


I have seen both Eastern Rosellas and King Parrots eating the fruits of my lilli pilli and then coming onto the ground to feed on Grevillea mucronulata and Grevillea preisii.

The Kookaburra liked my Acacia vestita to perch in to look for frogs after the recent rains.


My Citrus australasica (finger lime) is in full flower now and I saw European honey bees feeding, as well as a very cleverly disguised green bug, which appeared to be either eating the stamens or cutting them at the base, possibly to feed on nectar at the base or get at the ovary?

I went back later to check and found the flower to be almost completely destroyed. Two of the petals had gone, plus most of the stamens and the ovary.

I cut off another flower nearby which was fully open and brought it inside to photograph. It did not appear to have any nectar and I could taste nothing when I destroyed the flower in the name of science. Just a slight citrusy smell when squeezed.