Australian Flora Foundation newsletter January 2022

By Rhonda Daniels, Sutherland Group

The Australian Flora Foundation newsletter Research Matters, No. 35, January 2022, is now available.

This issue features articles on:

  • President’s Report 2021 by Associate Professor Charles Morris
  • Australian Flora Foundation Councillor recognition: Professor Michelle Leishman
  • Australian Flora Foundation Grants awarded
  • Young Scientist Awards
  • Article: Urban greenspaces are important for soil microbes – David Eldridge
  • Article: The need for fire to sustain the diversity of fire-adapted vegetation – Roger Farrow
  • Article: We’ve unveiled the waratah’s genetic secrets, helping preserve this Australian icon for the future – Stephanie Chen, Jason Bragg and Richard Edwards
  • Australian Flora Foundation Final Report: Is mitochondrial function the key to improving cryopreservation of threatened Australian flora? – Bryn Funnekotter
  • Australian Flora Foundation Final Report: Genetic diversity and structure of Moreton Bay Fig (Ficus macrophylla): potential for genetic contamination of Lord Howe Island world heritage area – Paul Rymer
  • What Research Were We Funding 25 Years Ago?

About Australian Flora Foundation

The Australian Flora Foundation is a charity fostering scientific research into the biology and cultivation of the Australian flora. It was established in 1981 and celebrates the 40th year of the Foundation’s operation in 2021. Read about the 40 years of funding research here.

Each year the Foundation provides funding for a number of grants for research. While the grants are not usually large, they are often vital in enabling such projects to be undertaken. Many of the researchers are honours or postgraduate students and their success with a Foundation grant hopefully stimulates their interest in researching Australia’s unique and diverse plants throughout their careers.

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