Australian Flora Foundation newsletter July 2020

By Rhonda Daniels, enewsletter editor

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The Australian Flora Foundation newsletter Research Matters, No. 32, July 2020, is now available.

This issue features articles on:

  • A golden year for Nuytsia, the journal of the Western Australian Herbarium by Juliet Wege and Kelly Shepherd
  • The science and art of regenerating native grasslands by Graeme Hand
  • Progress reports for AFF-funded projects
    • A determination of the horticultural potential of the endangered Persoonia hirsuta by Nathan Emery
    • A climatic refugia and the significance of range disjunctions in South Australian eucalypts by Ed Biffin and Michelle Waycott
    • Is mitochondrial function the key to improving cryopreservation of threatened Australian flora? by Bryn Funnekotter
    • Development of molecular markers for resistance to myrtle rust in Australian Myrtaceae by Peri Tobias
  • What research were we funding 25 years ago?
    • Cloning and selection of banksias
    • Native bluebells

Here’s an interesting statistic from the article: From a survey done in 1999, there were an estimated 1.9 million Banksia stems produced each year (Department of Agriculture and Food 2007).

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Persoonia hirsuta by Nathan Emery