APS VIC Seedbank available to NSW members

By Heather Miles

Seeds, image Heather Miles

Update: 4 June 2020

APS Vic has reconfirmed that seeds are available to APS NSW members. An updated seed list is attached. 

How this evolved

The enterprising David Drage of Northern Beaches recently wrote to APS VIC to see if NSW members could purchase seed from them.

Chris Long, the APS Vic President has let us know that they are happy to provide to APS NSW members on the same conditions as apply to APS VIC members. These conditions are found in the attached document and are basically a maximum of six packets of seed per quarter.

There will be no cost to APS NSW.

Chris and the committee from APS VIC look forward to helping their NSW colleagues with their seed requirements, believing it is important to help each other where we can.

Thanks to David Drage for his initiative and to the generous Victorians!

Seed List 2020-06

Please note that the postage price is now at $1.10 for the smaller packs of seeds, rather than the $1.00 noted in the attachment.