A weekend of tree planting for regenerative farming

By Ralph Cartwright, APS Sutherland Group

I joined 30 or so other volunteers recently, many from Oatley Flora and Fauna Conversation Society, for a weekend of native tree planting assisted by Greening Australia.

We planted 1,800 trees and shrubs on Vince Heffernan’s Moorlands sheep property near Dalton, about 1 hour from Canberra. Vince is Chair of the Upper Lachlan Landcare, an Ecologist and Regenerative Agriculture advocate. 

For more about regenerative farming, watch this Australian Story on ABC TV in September 2020 about farmer Charlie Massy here

Adrian Polhill, from Oatley Flora and Fauna, is hoping to join up with Lloyd Hedges from APS Menai Group to propagate some acacia seed collected from the farm for next year’s planting in September 2021.

The story on Re-greening country also appeared in the local newspaper The Leader here.

Here are some photos from the weekend. 

Seedlings ready for planting out
Some of the volunteers getting a briefing
Volunteers in action
Planting underway and remnant paddock tree
Some of the Eucalyptus species grown by Greening Australia
Some of the Acacia species grown by Greening Australia