A new native nursery in Ingleside – Cicada Glen Native Nursery

By Heather Miles

Those members mourning the loss of Wirreanda Nursery can take heart, as a new native nursery is opening in Ingleside. The nursery is offering a 10% discount to APS members.

Cicada Glen Nursery is on Mona Vale Road, past the Bahai Temple. The owner, Michael, already has a bush regeneration business and tubestock nursery in Ingleside, supplying councils and fulfilling bush regeneration plantings. 

Kelly, who worked at Wirreanda for many years is running the new retail nursery. 

The new nursery site is amazing and very unusual. It was an exotics nursery site for at least 60 years, and is now being repaired and rejuvenated. A large area is covered with huge old trees and palms, mostly exotics. A stonemason worked there at some stage – you come across sandstone bowls in odd corners, along with sculptures of possums and local lizards. This nursery is very much a work in progress, as the site was pretty derelict on purchase.

There is now a central open area stocked with native plants, some unusual. Kelly aims to concentrate on local native species, unusual species and rainforest plants. At present the nursery is open Monday to Thursdays and soon on weekends.

Kelly is happy to respond to enquiries about plant availability, by phone or email.


Cicada Glen Native Nursery
1 Chiltern Road (on the corner of Chiltern Road and Mona Vale Road), Ingleside

Phone; 0493617744.