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By enewsletter Editor

The latest newsletter from the Australian Flora Foundation is now available here. The foundation is a charity fostering scientific research into the biology and cultivation of the Australian flora. 

Research Matters, No. 31, January 2020 announces projects being funded by the foundation and prizes awarded:

  • The foundation has awarded four grants for research commencing in 2020: Jenny Guerin (Botanic Gardens South Australia) for a project on the seed biology of sedges for restoration of wetlands; Borala Liyanage (The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan) for a project on understanding seed and reproductive biology of Geijera parviflora and the implications for conservation and restoration; Harry MacDermott (Charles Darwin University) for a project on the fire ecology of Northern Australian heath vegetation; and Jasmin Packer (University of Adelaide) for a project on fire versus mechanical disturbance in stimulating germination and establishment of the endangered Acacia whibleyana.
  • The foundation awarded two prizes to students at the annual conference of the Ecological Society of Australia (ESA) held in November 2019 in Tasmania.

Other articles in this issue include:

  • From Red Boxes to the World: the Digitisation Project of the National Herbarium of New South Wales by Dr Shelley A James and Andre Badiou
  • Hibbertia (Dilleniaceae) aka Guinea Flowers by Adjunct Professor Betsy R Jackes
  • The joy of plants by Associate Professor Rosanne Quinnell
  • What research were we funding 30 years ago?

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