Scaevola ‘Mauve Mist’

Family: Goodeniaceae

Scaevola ‘Mauve Mist’ is a member of the Goodeniaceae family and is a cultivar of Scaevola albida.

Species in this genus are usually known as Fan Flowers which refers to the flower shape.

‘Mauve Mist’ is a dense, suckering ground cover that forms a mat that may reach a diameter of one metre. The small fleshy leaves are up to two centimetres long, crowded and deep green. Purplish-mauve, fan-shaped flowers are about one centimetre across and are both profuse and conspicuous. Plants will carry blooms for many months.

In the garden

‘Mauve Mist’ has proved to be very hardy, long lived and free flowering. The suckering growth habit helps to increase the ground covering density.


Other information

By Warren and Gloria Sheather