Rhodanthe anthemoides

Chamomile Sunray

Family: Asteraceae

Rhodanthe anthemoides, commonly known as Chamomile Sunray, is a compact native daisy with dark green foliage that grows to a maximum height of 30 centimetres.

Rose-pink buds appear in winter and they are followed by masses of white flowers that are carried for many months. Light pruning is appreciated as flowers fade.

A number of cultivars are available

The species is widespread in eastern mainland Australia and Tasmania. We remember the Chamomile Sunray from when we lived and worked in New England National Park, east of Armidale NSW, many years ago. The daisy grew in crevices on cliff faces.

In the garden

Rhodanthe anthemoides would be an attractive addition to cottage garden, rockeries and in borders of native garden beds.


As with most daisies this species propagates readily and enthusiastically from cuttings.

Other information

The species name means similar to the Chamomile genus Anthemis and was previously known as Helipterum anthemoides.

By Warren and Gloria Sheather