Prostanthera ‘Ragged Robin’

Family: Lamiaceae

Prostanthera ‘Ragged Robin’ is a short to medium shrub with an upright growth habit.

Strongly aromatic leaves are about 2 centimetres long, cross-shaped and grey-green to pale green.

Flowers are 1.5 centimetres long, mauve-blue and carried in the upper leaf axils during late spring and early summer. Blooms are conspicuous and profuse. Pruning plants will keep them in good shape.

Prostanthera ‘Ragged Robin’ is a hybrid whose parents are said to be P. ovalifolia and P. staurophylla.

In the garden

Prostanthera ‘Ragged Robin’ would be both an aromatic and colourful addition to a native garden bed.


Propagate from cuttings.

Other information

By Warren and Gloria Sheather