Prostanthera melissifolia

Balm Mintbush

Family: Lamiaceae

Prostanthera melissifolia is known as the Balm Mintbush. The species may reach a height of 5 metres with a spread of 3 metres. The mature specimens in our cold climate garden are about 4 metres tall with a spread of 4 metres.

Leaves are oval, about 3 centimetres long, aromatic with toothed margins. They are crowded, dull green above and paler beneath.

The flowers are mauve, one centimetre long and carried in terminal racemes. Blooms are both conspicuous and profuse during the spring flowering period. 

Prostanthera melissifolia is a native of Victoria where it is found as an understorey shrub in eastern mountain forests.

In the garden

Growth habit, foliage and flowers are all attractive features of this tall mintbush.

We grow the species as a background shrub in our dense shrubberies.

Light pruning after flowering is appreciated.


Cuttings produce roots quickly and enthusiastically.

Other information

The species name means with leaves similar to Melissa (Balm), hence the common name.

By Warren and Gloria Sheather