Prostanthera incana

Velvet Mintbush

Family: Lamiaceae

Prostanthera incana is known as the Velvet Mintbush and is a small to medium shrub that reaches a height of 1.5 metres in our cold climate garden.

Leaves are two centimetres long, oval, dull green, aromatic with a velvety appearance (hence the common name). Leaf margins have rounded teeth.

Flowers are one centimetre long, lilac, pink or sometimes white and carried in clusters. Blooms are conspicuous, copious and appear in late spring and summer. Both foliage and flowers are attractive features. 

Prostanthera incana is found in coastal and tablelands regions of New South Wales.

In the garden

After flowering a light prune is appreciated.


As with all mintbushes, this species propagates readily from cuttings.

Other information

The species name means grey or hoary.

The type specimen was collected in the Warragamba area, NSW in the early 1800s.

By Warren and Gloria Sheather