Orthrosanthus multiflorus

Morning Iris

Family: Iridaceae

The Morning Iris is found in southern South Australia and Kangaroo Island. It also occurs in Victoria and Western Australia.

It is a very hardy and attractive plant for informal rockeries or massed displays. The plants somewhat resemble Dianella sp. in form but not in flower.

Orthrosanthus multiflorus belongs in the family Iridaceae whereas Dianella is included in Asphodelaceae – both have a strappy leaf clumping habit so valuable for rockeries or accent planting.

Orthrosanthus multiflorus requires very little attention and flowers in winter through to early summer. It will grow in semi shade but will take full sun and may be used in coastal planting with some front-line shelter.

This image was taken on Kangaroo Island October 2016.

In the garden

The flowers last only a day but are produced in such profusion that there is hardly a time during its flowering season that it is without a flower. Most people would find the butterfly and bee attracting qualities of this plant to be a bonus.



Propagation is by seed or division. Morning Iris is sometimes available in native plant nurseries and seed is also available from seed merchants.

Other information

By Kevin Stokes