Melaleuca incana ‘Velvet Cushion’

Family: Myrtaceae

Melaleuca incana ‘Velvet Cushion’ is a dwarf form of Melaleuca incana and develops into a compact, rounded shrub 60 centimetres high by 60 centimetres wide.

Soft, hairy grey leaves are carried on pendulous branches. Small cream brushes appear in late spring and early summer. Some publications state that ‘Velvet Cushion’ does not flower freely. As may be seen from the image our specimens bloom profusely and conspicuously during the flowering period.

Melaleuca incana ‘Velvet Cushion’ is an eye-catching shrub at any time. Growth habit, foliage and flowers are all attractive features. The only maintenance required is a light, overall prune once the flowers fade.

In the garden

‘Velvet Cushion’ would be an ideal addition to larger rockeries or as an edging plant in native garden beds.


Other information

By Warren and Gloria Sheather