Leptospermum ‘Lemon Hedges’

Family: Myrtaceae

Leptospermum ‘Lemon Hedges’ is a narrow, upright shrub to 2.5–3 metres tall and 1–1.5 m wide with light green foliage which can have red tips. It does have small white flowers, but is grown for the foliage rather than the flowers.

Like most Leptospermum species, ‘Lemon Hedges’ is tough and hardy, and suitable for a wide range of positions.

It is a selected form of the taller Leptospermum petersonii.

In the garden

It is fast growing, and so makes an ideal soft screen in a narrow space beside a driveway or fence. Plant about 1–1.5 m apart. It is naturally well-branched, but tip prune for more density and a hedge effect.

It can be affected by webbing caterpillars, so keep a close eye on plants and pull off any affected foliage before an infestation gets too bad

It is lovely planted where sunlight can reflect off the leaves.


Grow by cutting.

Other information

Leptospermum – Lepto – Gk. for ‘thin’ and – spermum – ‘seed’, referring to the fine and thin seeds of the genus.

‘Lemon Hedges’ refers to both the light coloured foliage and the lemon scent, and use as screening plant.

By Rhonda Daniels