Hakea orthorrhyncha

Bird-beak Hakea

Family: Proteaceae

Hakea orthorrhyncha is known as the Bird-beak Hakea and has grown into a two metre tall shrub in our cold climate garden.

Leaves are up to 18 centimetres long and needle-like. The bright red to orange-red flowers are borne in clusters on the old wood in autumn and winter. Flowers clusters are often densely bunched along the stems. Blooms are both profuse, conspicuous and attract honeyeaters.

Persistent woody fruits follow the flowers and are about five centimetres long with a long, pointed beak.

Hakea orthorrhyncha takes between 5-7 years before the first flowers appear. This disadvantage may be overcome by propagating cuttings from mature plants. Mature plants may be rejuvenated by coppicing. Our specimen was about six years old before flowers appeared.

Hakea orthorrhyncha comes from the Geraldton area in Western Australia.

In the garden

The Bird-beak Hakea would make a colourful, bird-attracting addition to informal native screens and hedges.


Propagate from seed or cuttings. Cuttings of young growth give the best results.

Other information

The species name comes from the Greek and means with a straight beak. This refers to the fruit as does the common name.

By Warren and Gloria Sheather