Grevillea floribunda

Rusty Spider Flower

Family: Proteaceae

Grevillea floribunda, Rusty Spider Flower, is a dwarf to medium shrub with oval to long shaped leaves. Young growth is rusty-hairy. Adult leaves are deep green above and greyish hairy beneath.

The unusual flowers are rusty-green, tightly clustered in groups of seven or so. The flower arrangement has given rise to another common name: Seven Dwarfs Grevillea. Perhaps the Rusty Spider Flower is more appropriate.

The main flowering period extends from winter to spring. Sporadic flowers may appear at other times. Honeyeaters are drawn to the flowers.

The Rusty Spider Flower occurs from central Queensland to the Northern Tablelands and Central West of NSW. We have observed the species in a range of environments. The Pilliga Forest and Goonoo State Conservation Area, both in central NSW are two areas where the species has been sighted. In the Goonoo State Conservation Area, G. floribunda has colonised an abandoned a quarry in large numbers. Closer to home the species occurs a few kilometres south of Yallaroo along the banks of the Gwydir River, northern NSW.

There are variations within the species throughout its extensive range. In the fullness of time some variations may gain species status.


In the garden

Grevillea floribunda is a neat shrub with unusual flowers. Tip pruning is appreciated.


Propagate from cuttings.

Other information

By Warren and Gloria Sheather