Grevillea arenaria ssp. arenaria

Family: Proteacea

Grevillea arenaria subsp. arenaria is a medium to tall shrub that reaches a height between three to four metres in our cold climate garden.

The leaves are light green, soft and have a velvety feel. The flowers may be pink, red or orange with a green or yellow base. The flowers are usually hidden by the foliage but are sought out by honeyeaters. Birds use the dense foliage for nesting. The foliage is the most attractive feature of the species. Grevillea arenaria subsp. arenaria is a durable native plant.

Grevillea arenaria subsp. arenaria occurs from Sydney to the South Coast of NSW.

In the garden

Some of our specimens are at over ten years old and have survived and thrived with a minimum of artificial watering.

Our specimens produce plenty of seeds with many seedlings germinating in our garden. The soft foliage could be used as filler in cut flower arrangements. Our original specimens were grown from cuttings collected from a plant near Goulburn in southern New South Wales.


Propagate from seed or cuttings. We have great success propagating from cuttings.

Other information

Grevillea arenaria subsp. canescens is a small shrub that is found in the Gilgandra area of NSW. This subspecies has well-displayed red flowers.

By Warren and Gloria Sheather