Grevillea ‘Allyn Radiance’

Family: Proteaceae

Grevillea ‘Allyn Radiance’ leaves are linear, lanceolate, about 15 millimetres long and crowned with a sharp point. Flowers are dark red and carried in dense clusters. The prominent blooms are carried mainly from July to February with sporadic blooming at other times.

This hybrid’s parents are said to be two forms of Grevillea juniperina both prostrate, one with red and the other yellow flowers.

Grevillea ‘Allyn Radiance’was developed by Riverdene Nurseries, East Gresford in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. The name refers to the Allyn River. The nursery is situated close to the river. This is a wholesale nursery that has developed many interesting cultivars and hybrids usually with the Allyn name including Callistemons, Dianellas, Grevilleas and Leptospermums.

In the garden

Grevillea ‘Allyn Radiance’ has proved to be hardy and free flowering in our cold climate garden. This hardy hybrid could be grown under shrubs or cascading down embankments. Occasional tip pruning will improve foliage density.


Other information

By Warren and Gloria Sheather