Eremophila ‘Thundercloud’

Family: Scrophulariaceae

Eremophila ‘Thundercloud’ is one of the many cultivars of Eremophila maculata. “Thundercloud” has been available, from nurseries, since about 2010.

Eremophila ‘Thundercloud’ is a small to medium shrub that in our cold climate garden reaches a height of 1.5 metres.

The leaves are dark green, about four centimetres long with a succulent feel and slightly aromatic. The large purple flowers have the typical tubular shape, full of nectar and appear from late autumn to early summer. The foliage provides a contrast with the eye-catching flowers.

We are heartened to see the proliferation of Eremophila species, hybrids and cultivars that are appearing in nurseries.

In the garden

Tip pruning will keep plants dense and blooming bounteously. There is some evidence that very hard pruning will revitalise plants but this could be a bit of a gamble and a severely pruned specimen may expire.



Other information

By Warren and Gloria Sheather