Eremophila glabra 'Kalbarri Carpet'

Family: Scrophulariaceae

Eremophila glabra ‘Kalbarri Carpet’ develops into a dense ground cover with a spread over 2 metres, only reaching about 0.5 metres in height. It is reportedly a natural groundcover form of Eremophila glabra from the Kalbarri region of Western Australia.

Eremophila spp. mostly have simple and alternate leaves (sometimes opposite or whorled). In this cultivar, foliage is soft and silvery-grey, to about 40 mm long and 10 mm wide, ovate to elliptic in shape.

Eremophila spp. have 5-merous flowers with the 5 petals usually fused into a tube (tubulate to campanulate) with 5 petal-lobes (often described as 2-lipped with 3 upper lobes and 2 lower), occurring in small-numbered clusters per leaf axil. Flowers are often curved. In this cultivar, the tubular flowers are golden-yellow, to about 40 mm long by 10 mm wide, produced solitarily in leaf axils; rich in nectar; with many flowers appearing to form a ring around the stems. Blooms are profuse, conspicuous and appear in spring and summer.

In the garden

This is a popular cultivar and is grown by many NSW members.

This beautiful ground cover could be grown in rockeries, spilling over a retaining wall or near a walkway. The leaves and flowers form a stunning living carpet. Spent flowers cover the ground around the plants.

Tip prune to improve foliage density and flower production.

Ensure full sun and adequate drainage in a sandy to loam soil.


All cultivars must be propagated by cuttings to ensure ‘true-to-type’ reproduction.

Other information

Eremophila can regenerate from the seedbank after fire with some plants able to reshoot from stem buds as well as sucker from basal areas.

Eremophila is a substantial Australian genus of around 220 species with, likely, many undescribed species. Most species are found in Western Australia and other Australian arid zones. They occur in all states except Tasmania. NSW currently has 21 species with some subspecies taxa.

See our 2023 study group article on this genus:              https://resources.austplants.com.au/stories/why-do-eremophila-have-resin/

Eremophila – from Greek Erimos (ερημος) meaning “desert” and –philos (φίλος) referring to “friend” or “beloved” – referring to the mostly desert habitats of these plants.

‘Kalbarri Carpet’ – a very good name based on the region where the plant originated and the carpet-like groundcovering habit.

Gardening with Angus – Eremophila ‘Kalbarri Carpet’ profile page https://www.gardeningwithangus.com.au/eremophila-glabra-kalbarri-carpet-tar-bush/

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By Warren and Gloria Sheather. Editing and additional text by Dan Clarke