Dampiera stricta

Family: Goodeniaceae

Dampiera stricta is a member of the Goodeniaceae family and is a dwarf, suckering perennial reaching a height of 60 centimetres with a spread that may reach one metre.

The leaves may be up to 6 centimetres long, two centimetres wide, linear to elliptic in shape and may have a few coarse teeth. The flowers are nearly three centimetres across, sky-blue to deep mauve-blue.

The long flowering period extends from May to January. The flower illustrated is from a cultivar known as ‘Glasshouse Glory’. 

Dampiera stricta has a wide distribution and is found in coastal and tablelands areas of NSW as well as Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.

In the garden

Dampiera stricta would be an ideal candidate for cultivation in cottage gardens, rockeries and containers.

Cut off the flowers as they fade.


Propagate from suckering stems. We have had some success propagating leaf cuttings.

Other information

The genus name refers to William Dampier who collected other species in Western Australia. The species name means having an erect and open growth habit.

By Warren and Gloria Sheather