Crowea ‘Poorinda Ecstasy’


Family: Rutaceae

A beautiful small shrub that growds to 1 metre tall with a similar spread.

Crowea ‘Poorinda Ecstasy’ is a hybrid whose parents are reported to be Crowea saligna (a NSW endemic) and a form of Crowea exalata (a NSW/Vic/Qld species). The former parent may have been a form of C. saligna from the Central Coast of New South Wales. The latter parent comes from northern Victoria.

The hybrid was developed and registered by Leo Hodge in about 1969. Leo is best known for the development of many Poorinda Grevillea cultivars.

Crowea belong to the subgroup of Rutaceae that have simple and alternate leaves along with 5-petaled flowers. In this species, leaves are narrow and shortly lanceolate to oblanceolate, up to 40 mm long by 10 mm wide, mid to light green, and dotted with oil glands. The foliage has a slight aniseed fragrance.

Crowea spp. tend to have comparitively large but solitary flowers. In this cultivar, they are up to 3 cm across, in leaf axils, 5-petalled and usually range from pale to mid pink in colour. The main flowering period extends from early summer to autumn. Sporadic flowering often occurs at other times.

Fruit consists of a schizocarpic capsule which consist of cocci (woody segments) when it splits apart, to 7 mm long. 

In the garden

Crowea ‘Poorinda Ecstasy’ is an outstanding shrub with eye-catching blooms. This hybrid, in common with other Croweas, is very hardy and would be a colourful addition to rockeries and native cottage gardens.

It is advised to grow it in a very well-drained spot on sandy soil. An episode like prolonged rain may kill plants off but this may be prevented if drainage is fast. A rockery or a slope works well. Plant in part sun / dappled shade for best results.

Prune lightly after flowering to encourage denser bushes with more flowers. 


Must be propagated from cuttings to maintain ‘true-to-type’ forms. 

Other information

Crowea is a genus of 3 species, endemic to Australia, occurring in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. NSW currently has 2 species. 

Crowea – Named in honour of James Crowe (1750 – 1807) (by botanist James Edward Smith in 1798), surgeon and botanist and twice Mayor of Norwich.

‘Poorinda Ecstasy’ – named after Leo Hodge’s nursery ‘Poorinda’. ‘Ecstasy’ is likely for the flowers. 

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By Warren and Gloria Sheather. Editing and additional text by Dan Clarke.