Chrysocephalum apiculatum

Common Everlasting, Yellow Buttons

Family: Asteraceae

Chrysocephalum apiculatum, the Common Everlasting, was formerly known as Helichrysum apiculatum and is a perennial herb which is found in all States and Territories in Australia in a wide range of environments. Because it has such a wide distribution there is considerable variation in height, growth habit and leaf colour.

Chrysocephalum apiculatum is a common perennial in the bushland on our property, Yallaroo. Even here there are significant variations within our population. Some plants have green leaves while others have grey-green foliage. There are also growth habit variations. Most have upright growth habit while a small number have an interesting suckering method of reproduction.

Regardless of these variations all Common Everlastings have bright yellow globular flower heads that are carried on stalks up to 60 centimetres long. Flowers are conspicuous, profuse and appear mainly during spring and summer. Sporadic flowering occurs at other times.

In the garden

This hardy perennial looks best grown in clumps where the bright flower heads will light up the garden.


Propagation may be undertaken at any time of the year and cuttings produce roots rapidly.

Other information

The name meaning: Chrysocephalum from the Greek, chryso golden and cephalus headed. Apiculatum botanical Latin meaning ‘ending abruptly in a short point’, referring to the leaves.

By Warren and Gloria Sheather