Callistemon flavovirens

Green Bottlebrush

Family: Myrtaceae

Callistemon flavovirens is a spreading shrub that can reach a height of two metres with a similar spread. New growth is soft and has a silvery appearance. Adult leaves are dark green, narrow elliptical, up to eight centimetres long and widely spaced along the branches.

The greenish-yellow flower spikes are about eight centimetres long. The individual flowers are also widely spaced giving the brushes an open appearance. Spring and summer are the main flowering periods. Our plants also flower sporadically at other times. Honeyeaters are frequent visitors to the blooms.

Callistemon flavovirens is a rare species restricted to the granite country of south east Queensland and the Northern Tablelands of NSW.

In the garden

Our specimens are growing in our typical well drained situations and they have proved to be drought resistant, tolerant of frosts and free flowering. Callistemon flavovirens will also accept moist situations.

As with all bottlebrushes pruning is essential. As the flowers fade we cut off each stem behind the brush. This keeps plants dense and blooming bounteously.


Callistemon flavovirens may be propagated from seed or cuttings. We propagate all our bottlebrushes, this species included, from cuttings.

Other information

The species name means greenish-yellow and refers to the unusual flower colour.

By Warren and Gloria Sheather