Callistemon ‘Firebrand’

Family: Myrtaceae

Callistemon ‘Firebrand’ was a seedling raised by Austraflora Nursery, Melbourne and registered in 1980. It is thought to be a cultivar of C. citrinus.

Callistemon ‘Firebrand’ is a low spreading, dense ground cover that reaches a height of 50 centimetres with a spread of over one metre. Adult leaves are stiff and shiny with oil dots while new growth is soft and pink. The brushes are a rich crimson-pink and appear in profusion from spring to autumn. 

In the garden

Callistemon ‘Firebrand’ could be grown on embankments or as a foreground plant in garden beds. In our cold climate garden, plants have proved to be drought and frost tolerant.

Remove spent brushes to encourage new growth and improve density.


Other information

By Warren and Gloria Sheather