Callistemon ‘Candy Pink’

Family: Myrtaceae

Callistemon ‘Candy Pink’ is a medium to tall shrub that may reach a height of four metres with a spread of three metres. Plants this size tends to be rather straggly with few flowers.

’Candy Pink’ has lance shaped leaves and long, narrow flower spikes. They are pinkish-red fading to pink. There are usually several flowering flushes each year.

Callistemon ‘Candy Pink’ is said to be one of the many cultivars of C. citrinus.

As with all Callistemons, grow in full sun or minimum shade for maximum flowering.

In the garden

In our cold climate garden we prune our specimens after flowering and keep plants to a compact three metre high. These plants have dense foliage and bloom bounteously.


Other information

By Warren and Gloria Sheather