Callistemon ‘Anzac’

Family: Myrtacea

Callistemon ‘Anzac’ is a form of Callistemon citrinus collected from a wild population on Anzac Cove, southern Sydney NSW. The cultivar was registered in 1986.

Callistemon ‘Anzac’ is a sprawling shrub growing to a height of one metre with a maximum spread of three metres. In our cold climate garden plants seldom exceed one metre across.

The lanceolate leaves are about 6 cm long by 1 cm wide. The flowers are white aging to creamy white, often with spikes in three clusters. Flower spikes are from 10 to 15 cm long by 6 cm in diameter. The flowering season is from November to January.

In the garden

C. ‘Anzac’, because of its growth habit, would make and attractive, long flowering foreground specimen in garden beds.


Other information

By Warren and Gloria Sheather